Uncover the hidden gems of Milwaukee with Todd Walker, a renowned journalist, travel writer and television presenter. In this new series, follow Todd to the Milwaukee Public Market, where he indulges in some of the city's culinary delights, including delectable cream puffs, rich butter burgers and more. Continue to the Harley-Davidson Museum to learn about the brand’s iconic motorcycles. Then, discover the city’s craft beer culture and immerse yourself in the masterpieces housed at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Be inspired to plan your own voyage through Lake Michigan on our 8-day Great Lakes Explorer itinerary.

This is a deck-by-deck tour of Viking Star, a Viking Cruises ocean cruise ship that carries up to 930 passengers. Have a look around to see the spa, restaurants and lounges on this luxury ocean cruise ship from Viking.

This is a tour of a Deluxe Veranda Cabin on Viking Star. Viking Star is one of the ocean ships for Viking Cruises. The ships carry up to 930 passengers. This cabin measures 270 square feet and is filled with all kinds of deluxe amenities and features.

This is a tour of a balcony cabin on Viking River cruises Viking Hermod. This veranda cabin on Viking Longship is 205 square feet with a range of nice amenities and good storage options.

In The Loop Travel correspondent Todd Walker shows you around Viking Hermod during his cruise in France. Viking Hermod is one of the famed Viking Longship river cruise ships that offer modern elegance while exploring the waterways in Europe.

Few trips have been as memorable as my recent Viking river cruise on a Longship with my 90-year-old father, Lee. We embarked on an unforgettable journey along the picturesque Rhine River, traveling from Amsterdam to Basel. Our adventure offered the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration, seasoned with the occasional humorous moments that can only […]

Preparing to set sail on your first European river cruise is an exhilarating adventure, brimming with the promise of discovering charming villages, historic cities, and the captivating cultural heritage of Europe just around the river’s bend. River cruising offers an intimate and immersive experience, where you can explore a new world while enjoying the comforts […]

It’s official: Several St. Paulites were enjoying “the craic” (the Irish term for “fun”) when I explored Ireland recently with a gaggle of Minnesotans. Led by Celtic Journeys, a St. Paul travel company that specializes in trips to the Land of Leprechauns, we set out to experience the land, culture and the people of this […]

Photos courtesy of the Guadalajara Tourism Board Travel has happily returned in full swing following the pandemic, and I for one am fully on board! Recently I was invited to visit the city of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco Mexico. With limited expectations of a city I had never visited and was not particularly […]

A Q and A with the east metro’s beloved explorer World explorer and author Ann Bancroft has a new distinction to add to her career: godmother. Not to a child, though; to a ship. Earlier this fall, the St. Paul native and her expedition partner, Liv Arnesen, were in Amsterdam to christen Viking’s two new […]

Being St. Paul born and raised, a sailing adventure on the Atlantic can cause a bit of trepidation, but for this guy from the 651 it turned out to be an epic adventure of a lifetime. When a Boston based travel journalist colleague of mine presented me with the opportunity to fill his spot sailing […]

Escaping Minnesota during the long winter months is something many of us long for once the long dark days of winter have nestled in. When I was invited to visit Mazatlan to check out the revitalization of this sun-drenched destination, I jumped at the chance. One visit was by sea and one by air. The […]

  JADA YUAN The quaint village of Todos Santos, on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, is full of surprises.   Cruise Mexico When the season of hunched-up shoulders, ice scrapers, rosy red cheeks and dark dinners is upon us, I plan a winter getaway to the West Coast of Mexico for a Mexican Riviera cruise. Most of […]

Cruises have their diehard fans and, it seems, just as many haters. For travelers set on seeing the world on their own for cheap, it’s hard to shake the image of shelling out big bucks just to be stuck on a boat. But after a recent cruise through the Caribbean, that’s what I’m here to […]

The polar vortex swung into Minnesota like a bat out of…well, you know. Thankfully, I did a bit of advanced planning this year and booked a trip on Viking Cruises to explore the islands of the Caribbean. When the good Norske folks at Viking extended the invitation to spend 10 days on the 745-foot Viking Star […]

Your Guide to Aruba Todd about Town: Warm weather, seafood, and water activities await on this tiny tropical island. It’s just about that time when we hear the Minnesotan anthem of chattering teeth. The skies seem perpetually dark, the windshield scraper has secured its regular spot in your car, and tantalizing travel commercials have replaced […]

Norway was named the “World’s Happiest Country” for 2017 by the Sustainable Development Solution Network for the United Nations. What? Could an entire country of just over 5 million really be that happy? I set out to answer that question recently, when I spent two weeks as a guest of Visit Norway exploring Oslo, Bergen, […]

The scent of embers from fall bonfires soon will be replaced by the crisp smell of a winter morning. Like most of you, I find that crispness enjoyable for just so long, until I start anticipating the smell of lilacs and the site of the first tulip peaking out from the grass as if to […]

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