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Feb 7 2020

A visit to Sundara Inn and Spa

Hitting the trifecta – Traveling three hours from St. Paul, armed with a triple espresso from Cathedral Hill’s Nina’s, my phone loaded with three hours of the Podcast “My Favorite Murder”, and I am on my way to spend three days at Sundara Inn and Spa, located in the scenic outskirts of the Wisconsin Dells. This closer to home gem is a great alternative to jumping on a plane to experience one of the more high profile spa vacations.

Before I self-indulge in health, fitness, self-reflection and mindfulness, it was time for me to put life in reverse for a day. Growing up in the Twin Cities, you would think as a kid I would have visited the area known as the water park capitol of the world…Wisconsin Dells. But nope…growing up we never made the trip. I thought I would make up for lost time from my childhood and spend one night at Kalahari Resort and Water Park to honor my inner 16 year old. I would vow to give myself permission to embrace my dad bod in all its glory, as I floated on an inner tube down the “Lazy River”. I would hoot, holler and wave my arms in the air as I challenged myself to just about every water slide the park had to offer. That is until I met my match… the “Tanzanian Twister”. You basically twist around in a tunnel at speeds

up to 40mph until you are suddenly dropped into a pool of water. The post-Tanzanian vertigo was reminiscent of the morning after a wild college fraternity party – bed spins resulting from too many drinking games. I decided it was time to leave my inner towel snapping 16 year old behind and engage in some much needed adult Zen time.

I headed 5 minutes down the road, with fading visions of theme parks in my rear view mirror, to the quaint oasis of the Sundara Inn and Spa.

This scenic destination wellness spa is snuggled in a pine forest between Lake Delton and the Wilds Golf resort.

I was greeted by deer peacefully grazing along Sundara’s Chakra meditation trail.

Driving down the winding wooded road to the entry, I was greeted by deer peacefully grazing along Sundara’s Chakra meditation trail. Once you enter the grounds of Sundara, you are immediately visually and mentally transported to a magical place and time. The staff greeted me by name as I passed through the entry doorway. My check-in process was pleasant and efficient. My Sundara attendant shared with me a bit about the property, followed by a schedule of services and activities

I had booked in advance of my visit. My guest room was in the new wing of the property, which was completed in 2018. The room was well appointed with quality linens and included a whirlpool on the deck, overlooking the wooded very private surroundings.

Your time at Sundara is yours and can be designed how best suits your needs during your visit. I decided to take in as many activities as Sundara had to offer during the time I was at the resort and spa. After unpacking my duffel bag I headed to the front desk to join one of the scheduled property tours. Travelers Tip: When visiting Sundara, leave your vacation wear at home! Guests go from place to place wearing one of the plush robes provided by the property.

Simply pack workout wear – a swim suit…and perhaps one outfit, should you chose to head off property for dinner or take advantage of a pontoon ride provided by Sundara on near-by Lake Delton.

Sundara Inn and Spa has 38 guest rooms, a state of the art fitness studio, chef prepared cuisine at Nava restaurant, tranquil massage rooms, an indoor/outdoor infinity pool with a swim up bar and daily wellness activities.

During my stay, I woke early to start the day doing cardio in the fitness studio, followed by various body treatments and classes including meditation, yoga, cooking and juicing classes, guest lectures on health and wellness, hiking, and most importantly, rest.

The serenity and simplicity of Sundara Inn and Spa, combined with its hassle free access from the Twin Cities, creates a delightful guest experience. When my three-day respite at Sundara came to a close… I simply walked to my car, prepared to head back to St. Paul. A vacation without security lines and crowded airplanes added to the joy of this get-a-way. Oh and If you see a guy wearing a bathrobe walking Grand Avenue, it just may be me trying to hold onto my Sundara Inn and Spa state of mind.

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