Todd About Town | Todd About Town: November Edition
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Todd About Town: November Edition

You say crayfish; I say crawfish, but please let’s not call the whole thing off! In Swedish, kräftskiva means crayfish party. So it was only fitting that the Dayton brothers hosted the fourth-annual Kräftskiva! at their Nordic restaurant, The Bachelor Farmer. In addition to crayfish, there were delicious adult snow cones made by the guys from Marvel Bar.

The following weekend there was a whole lot of crustacean shucking and sucking at Josh Thoma’s Smack Shack, where the winner of the crayfish-eating contest received two roundtrip tickets and accommodations to New Orleans. With a few side-eye looks and snickers, delightful KSTP news anchor Lindsey Brown took her position at the table. The petite blonde Mississippi native advanced to the finals, requesting two bottles of beer in front of her, and when the whistle blew, the proud Southern lady was in it to win it. Unfortunately, she was beat out by last year’s champion. However, I am sure it won’t be the last we see of this news anchor/professional eater. Reigning Nathan’s hot dog–eating female champion, Miki Sudo, better watch her back as Lady Lindsey is on her way.

Mamma Mia!, it certainly wouldn’t be a party at the American Swedish Institute’s Cocktails at the Castle without a little ABBA karaoke. Visitors were given the chance to “play the castle” on an original installation that turned the historic Turnblad Mansion into a musical instrument. The sold-out event featured a dance shanty, human marionettes, an aerialist, a rock climbing wall, and a slackline. Chef John Krattenmaker and his team at FIKA served up a popular menu of musically inspired eats, including a seafood duet of shrimp and herring, string beans, and beet sausage. All age groups were well represented at Cocktails at the Castle. It may be the only venue in town where you will see adult children and their parents shadow dancing to a live band on the steps of this grand treasure.

See you on the scene!