Todd About Town | Todd About Town: September Edition
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Todd About Town: September Edition

From beards to banquets, there was a bit of everything for the party crowd during our short but spectacular season of sunshine. Bauhaus Brew bros were clearly the popular kids in school. The inaugural Bauhaus Night Market attracted a crowd, well, more like a mob, of sandal-wearing hipsters in classic T-shirts. The heavily promoted—but apparently under anticipated—crowd of about 20,000 stood in long, long lines. There was live entertainment inside while street performers kept those waiting in the long food and beverage lines outside from gnawing on each other’s arms. With a crowd second only to Movember, by the number of bearded bros in attendance, I would suggest the addition of a beard-grooming station for the next Bauhaus Night Market. However, I raise my pint to the Bauhaus brood as they are clearly onto something—successfully tapping into this newfound intrigue to commune and celebrate in interesting spaces.

Thanks for the memories, Joe. Glasses were raised and hats were tipped as the Guthrie Theater rolled out the red carpet at All the World’s a Stage, the celebration bidding adieu to artistic director Joe Dowling. After leading the Tony Award–winning Guthrie Theater for the past 20 years, Dowling is passing the torch to Joseph Haj. The new gig comes after Haj served as resident artistic director at PlayMakers Repertory Company at the University of North Carolina. All the World’s a Stage featured performances by artists Dowling has nurtured throughout his career at the Guthrie. As I looked around, I wondered who was holding down the house at the other theaters around town—did everyone come down with the same mysterious flu? The halls of the Guthrie were like a who’s who of the theater community, including highly acclaimed actors Sally Wingert and Peter Michael Goetz.

See you on the scene!